Efficient Location-Based Services

The 4th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family introduced a location-based services capability. Location is becoming increasingly important to productivity in business. Intel® vPro™ technology with location-based services uses technology to get and act upon location data. Wi-Fi is a proven technology for location, which is normally based on discrete tags attached to the device being tracke...d. Intel extends the value of location-based services by lowering the barriers to adoption with 4th generation Intel Core vPro processors and a special package from AeroScout.

This special version of MobileView* includes support for two location use cases:
• Find near me, which can help to locate resources and assets within the enterprise
• Asset tracking, which adds the element of location to devices with a 4th generation Intel Core vPro processor.

There are, of course, additional usages available with enhanced versions of MobileView.

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