Twitter: How Faster-Data Flow Gets Done

See how Twitter keeps 186 million people connected in real-time with Intel® Ethernet 800 Series with ADQ.

At a glance:

  • From big events to everyday interests, Twitter keeps hundreds of millions tweets flowing every day, in real-time.

  • Twitter uses Intel® Ethernet 800 Series with built-in ADQ to drive the value of data with more speed and predictability at scale.



How Twitter Avoids Data Traffic-Jams

When a person opens their Twitter feed, they expect to see real-time content personalized to them. Multiply that expectation by 186 million people—plus any data traffic spikes around entertainment, sports, and political events—and you can understand why data speed and predictability are paramount for Twitter to continue to keep the world connected in the moment without interruptions and delays. That’s where Intel® Ethernet 800 Series with built-in ADQ comes in. It accelerates Twitter’s proprietary Pelikan cache by assigning dedicated lanes to data that do not have to be shared with other traffic.