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Argentina Closing the Digital Divide

Creating economic and social opportunities

Closing the Digital Divide with 21st Century Education

A multi-year, multi-faceted effort is transforming education in Argentina, giving students
the skills they need to be successful in the global economy.

Argentina’s sweeping education transformation program includes:

  • Helping young people bridge the digital divide by providing netbooks (including Intel® classmate PCs) to 3 million students at 250,000 high schools.
  • Training more than 100,000 teachers through the Intel® Teach Program on how to effectively integrate technology and teach their students 21st century skills.
  • Working with universities and other organizations to create rich content that is locally relevant to students.
  • Passing initiatives to make it easier for citizens across the country to afford computers and Internet access.

Local digital inclusion initiatives

In addition to national programs, several Argentine provinces have implemented their own
digital inclusion initiatives. San Luis Province is lowering the price of computers, enabling
widespread broadband access, and delivering free computers to students. And Rio Negro
Province has introduced an e-learning system that allows students in rural areas to continue high school without leaving their local communities.

Intel is working with Argentina’s government to accelerate technology access and help
create economic and social opportunities for people across the country. As a result of its strong policy and public-private partnerships, Argentina has become a regional leader in education.