Corporate Training with Virtual Reality

Intel recognizes the compelling potential benefits of virtual reality (VR) for enterprises. In this project, Intel designed and deployed a large-scale, results-oriented VR training solution that will complement its existing industry-leading training offerings. Using Intel’s Electrical Safety Recertification course as a starting point, we collaborated with an independent software vendor (ISV) to successfully develop VR content, integrated it into our existing infrastructure and processes, and completed a 10-day testing phase. After some minor modifications, we plan to roll out the new course to additional sites and develop additional courses. VR can help achieve the following enterprise benefits: Reduce training total cost of ownership (TCO), increase trainee retention and motivation, and increase training return on investment (ROI). Trainee response to the new VR-based course was very positive—94 percent asked that more VR-based courses be made available—and ROI calculations indicate that by better matching required courses to employee job roles, the five-year ROI of just this one course could be as high as 300 percent. Read on to find out more about methodology, best practices, and results.