8 Cool Things to Do on a Laptop

A Few Things to Try

  • Your laptop makes many activities portable

  • Share files across all your devices

  • Watch a movie, a TV show, or enjoy your favorite tunes

  • Take an online course



Portability and Battery Life - Take Whatever You're Doing on the Go

Your laptop’s portability is likely one reason you purchased it in the first place. You can take your work, schoolwork, or hobbies with you wherever you go. If the only free time you have is during your lunch break, but it’s a twenty minute drive to the mall, just take your laptop to a local delicatessen and shop online for those new shoes you’ve had your eye on for weeks. If you have recently taken up rock climbing and want to join a club of like-minded people, use your laptop to research climbing clubs in the area. If you love online gaming but don’t want to be stuck inside all day, find a quiet spot in the park where you can maintain a higher score than your friends on Candy Crush Saga*. Working on a life-size anime drawing, but going away for the weekend? Simply upload the file to the cloud, and you can access it whenever you’re feeling creative.

Transfer and Share Files

Another cool thing to do with your laptop is to share your files across multiple devices. Just follow our simple instructions, and you will be able to access your music library, movie collection, and vacation photographs from your laptop or 2 in 1, tablet, and smartphone. By transferring files, all your data is always at your fingertips, and you can even share favorites with your friends!

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Stream Music

With a new laptop or 2 in 1, streaming music is no longer a frustrating experience of waiting for files to buffer. Connect to your favorite Internet radio station or even your music library at home and enjoy your music without hiccups, static, or time outs.

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Watch a Movie

Use your laptop to play DVDs, watch streaming videos online, or even to access Netflix* or Hulu* accounts for movies!

Stream TV Shows

With an Internet connection, you can stream TV and watch your favorite shows using Hulu*, YouTube*, Vimeo*, or other websites from anywhere. You can also enjoy many TV programs directly from the source, like the network's website.

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Online Courses

There are a wide variety of online courses available nowadays, from free extension courses at Ivy League universities to practical personal training courses from exercise institutions.

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