Enabling a Global Infrastructure for Products and Services

Overview of Standards and Initiatives

  • Standards and Business: Standards are a critical building block for the technology industry. They enable interoperable solutions, encourage innovation and competition, facilitate trade, provide consumers with more choice and purchase confidence, and contribute to healthy ecosystems with economies of scale. Intel participates in hundreds of standards bodies and industry groups worldwide and has played a significant role in bringing about globally adopted standards such as Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi. Whether you look to the future of cloud computing, Internet of Things, cybersecurity technology, autonomous systems, or artificial intelligence, standards are the common tool to bring new innovations to global mass-markets.
  • Global Standards: The technology industry develops products and services via global supply chains and delivers them to satisfy global markets, which expect worldwide interoperability and compatibility. In this environment, voluntary global standards are critical.
  • Standards and Patents: Intel supports a balanced approach to including patented technologies in standards that appropriately rewards innovators for their inventions, and assures implementers are able to negotiate licenses for those inventions on FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms.

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Historical Articles

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