How to Get Into, Above, and Around Your Favorite Sports

Intel® True View and Intel® True VR are immersive media technologies that let you enjoy your favorite sports in remarkable, exciting new ways. Here’s everything you need to know.1

Enjoy Your Favorite Sports

Immerse yourself in the action with Intel® True View and Intel® True VR.

See Sensational International Football

You can enjoy amazing new perspectives of the game – see the action from the player's perspective, get a 360-degree replay or weigh-in on a controversial call with the laser wall.

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Intel Sports

Discover the immersive media technologies that let you watch and experience sports at the highest level, all in exciting new ways.

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See It in Action

The NFL, NBA, LaLiga, and many others use Intel® True View and Intel® True VR and to deliver more-immersive experiences on your favorite platforms.

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The Technology

High-performance cameras, advanced computing power, software algorithms, and Intel® True View and Intel® True VR deliver all-new ways for you to watch and experience sports.

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