PRODUCT BRIEF Intel® RAID Expander RES2CV360/240

Intel® RAID Expander RES2CV360/240

PRODUCT BRIEF Intel® RAID Expander RES2CV360/240

Product Overview:

For a low-cost, value-added alternative to high port count RAID cards, select the Intel® RAID Expander RES2CV360/240 to achieve excellent performance and higher returns on investment. As the perfect complement for Intel’s SAS-2 generation RAID cards, the RES2CV360/240 offers ultimate flexibility for architecting a high drive count (>8 drive) storage solution in any sized... system. The card has a designated mounting spot in Intel’s new R2xxx series 2U chassis (when using 2.5” drives) and can be mounted to a chassis wall or air-duct in other chassis.

The RES2CV360/240, powered by an LSI* SAS2x36/24 36 or 24-port SAS-2 expander, enables the connection of up to 32 or 20 directly attached SAS or Serial ATA (SATA) devices, and provides table routing to support connections for up to 1024 SAS addresses. Each expander phy is individually configurable and performs SAS and SATA transfers based on the speed of the host or target at either 6.0Gb/s, 3.0Gb/s or 1.5Gb/s. The RES2CV360/240 supports management functions such as discovery and enclosure management, and can be cascaded to accommodate as many drives as the associated SAS/RAID card allows.

All Intel RAID solutions are validated across multiple platforms with Intel® boards, chassis and systems. Customized training, as well as Intel service and support, make Intel the one source for customers seeking data protection, increased productivity and simplified IT.

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