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Everyone carries around a lot of data on their cell phones, from the locations they've visited to what they like best, as expressed through social media. Data about personal likes and buying habits is valuable when directing advertising and other information to individual consumers; however, accessing this information is non-trivial.


The centerpiece of this mobile advertising solution is an intelligent self-service offer center from which customers can download special offers to their mobile phones. Consumers can get information tailored to their personal likes and current interests, allowing them to shop more efficiently and even learn about offers they might otherwise miss. Retailers can create a more informative and productive shopping experience in a way that attracts more traffic to their physical stores and company web sites. In trial tests conducted by Intel at 10 different retailers, context-aware ads increased monthly sales by an average of 16 percent across 15 diverse product types.


  • Enhance the in-store experience with connectivity to the multi-channel world
  • Personalize the shopping experience by delivering relevant advertising
  • Measure the effectiveness of advertising playing on digital signage
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Customized Mobile Deals: In-depth

Targetting customers in a digital environment

The primary objective of retailers is to get shoppers to buy, and then buy even more. In this digitally-charged world, persuading customers to spend may require finding new ways to engage them. 

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In many ways, consumers are way ahead of brands and retailers with respect to using digital technologies in the retail space. Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to take advantage of the rise of smartphones, social media, Web content, or other digital channels is non-trivial. 

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Technology What It Is
Mobile device Customer smartphone
Mobile data server Data mining leading to profiles based on age, gender, and city
Social media crawler Trends based on historic and real-time Twitter* feeds
Web crawler Web information (product reviews, special offers) pertinent to opted-in customers
Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM) Content management system (CMS)
Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) Powerful anonymous viewer analytics (AVA) data collection and audience measurement tools
Media players Intel® Core™ processor-based computers that connect to digital signs
Intelligent mobile advertising solution software Currently a reference design for media players, Android* phones, web and social media crawler servers, and content management servers
McAfee® security software Multiple layers of protection against data loss and unauthorized access

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