Engage Customers with Digital Signs


Many retailers are apprehensive about rolling out a large, complex digital signage network, and rightfully so. The cost and planning required to deploy high-definition displays, kiosks, video walls, and Internet protocol television (IPTV) are considerable and must be backed by a solid return on investment (ROI).


Providing greater insight into this process is Media-Saturn Group, Europe’s largest electronics retailer operating more than 900 stores in 16 countries. Every week, around 15 million shoppers enter Media-Saturn stores and see an incredible number of screens (225 on average) playing a combination of videos, images, and templates broadcast over an in-store TV network. This investment enables Media-Saturn to elevate the shopping experience, generate additional revenue, eliminate the cost of traditional signs, and optimize customer communications.


  • Provide customers with the best possible information to make better purchase decisions
  • Convert from static signs to digital, thus saving on paper, printing, and transportation costs
  • Create, test, adjust, and launch content in minutes, not the weeks typical of static signs

Digital Signage Network: In-depth

Unique network elevates brand awareness and engagement

The Media-Saturn Group offers an in-store digital experience with signage and information kiosks that help customers make informed purchase decisions by letting them listen to music, preview movie and game trailers, and learn about products.

Technology What It Is
Media-Saturn in-store digital experience

Over 220,000 screens system-wide in more than 900 stores

Typical in-store screen configuration
  • Up to 200 screens in the TV department
  • 16 screens at the checkout counters
  • Five screens in the service department
  • Six to eight screens in the entertainment area
  • 60 to 100 notebook screens and monitors
  • Up to 25 tablets
  • In several flagship stores, large 4x4 video walls
  • Music, movie, and game kiosks
  • Ink printer advisor kiosk
  • Interactive mobile phone kiosk
  • Notebook test and safety
  • Monitor and Webcam test stations
  • Tablet compare and test
Digital signage

Media players based on the Intel® Core™ i3 processor and Intel Core i5 processor using Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 (Intel® GMA 4500) HD graphics