Extending Intelligence to the Edge

Key Benefits

  • Workload Optimized Intel® Xeon® D processors for edge network, control plane and mid-range storage solutions requiring high per core performance.

  • High Density System-on-a-Chip for lower power and space constrained solutions with built-in technology options including Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT), Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) and integrated Intel® Ethernet.



As communication service providers, enterprise IT, and cloud service providers seek to speed new service delivery and handle exponential growth in the number of users accessing their services, it is essential that they optimize infrastructure for density and cost, both in the data center and at the network edge.

Inefficient data center scaling drives up space and cost, and increases environmental impact, while fixed function, proprietary devices at the network edge hinder the ability of IT to rapidly deploy and manage new services. Intel® Xeon® D processors offer options for infrastructure optimization, by bringing the performance and advanced intelligence of Intel® Xeon® processors into dense, lower-power system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs.

They can be deployed for a variety of workloads—from the data center to the intelligent edge—in network solutions, wireless base stations, mid-range storage solutions, industrial Internet of Things (IoT), dynamic web serving, dense/ rugged environments outside the data center, and, more. And they can run the same instruction set as more robust Intel® Xeon® processors to provide software consistency from the data center to the network edge.

Intel® Xeon® D-1600 Processors

Intel® Xeon® D-1600 processors offer new levels of workload-optimized support for both mid-range storage and network solutions. This customer-oriented design offers up to a 29% improvement in compute performance compared to the previous generation of Intel® Xeon® D-1500 processors, network series.1

Combined with the advanced capability integration of up to 40 Gbps with Intel® Ethernet and up to 30 Gbps of cryptography offload with Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT), the Intel® Xeon® D-1600 processor delivers new levels of performance for dense computing environments. Featuring up to eight cores, Intel® Xeon® D-1600 processors are ready to power the next generation of lower power designs where high per core performance is critical.

These processors offer an effective upgrade path for solutions already using the Intel® Xeon® D-1500 processor - both the standard and network series. BGA package pin compatibility is shared across Intel® Xeon® D-1500 processors, network series, and Intel® Xeon® D-1600 processors.

Intel® Xeon® D-1600 Processor – Network Performance2 3 4

Mid-Range Storage for the Data Center and Beyond

Built-in Intel® Ethernet eliminates the need for PCI Express* (PCIe) connected Ethernet devices in storage solutions, while integrated Intel® QAT offloads compute-intensive algorithms, freeing up more compute cycles for software-defined storage, SAN and NAS workloads. And, with Intel® Platform Storage Extensions, Intel® Xeon® D processors offer intelligence for dense, low-power storage solutions deployed in or out of the data center for workloads including cloud backup, video on demand, virtualized storage, and more.

Intel® Platform Storage Extensions enable valuable optimizations for storage workloads. Non-Transparent Bridging (NTB) enables high-speed connectivity among Intel® Xeon® processor-based platforms for failover support, while Asynchronous DRAM Self- Refresh (ADR) helps to protect data in the event of a power outage. To deliver data to two PCI Express* (PCIe*) devices simultaneously, PCIe* Dual Cast is available. And, for fast data movement with low processor overhead, Intel® QuickData Technology offloads memory accesses to Intel® Xeon® D processors.

Intel® Xeon® D-1600 Processor – Storage Performance5 6 7

Intel® Xeon® D-1600 Processor – Local IOPS – Throughput Improvement8 9 10