Intel Atom® Processor C3000 Series Processor Family 5G Base Station

Introduction to 5G Requirements

Over the last few decades, mobile communications have significantly contributed to the economic and social development of both developed and developing countries. Today, mobile communications form an indispensable part of the daily lives of billions of people in the world, and are expected to continue to become even more widespread in the future.

In that future, however, it is foreseen that the growing demand for higher volumes of traffic, more connected devices with diverse service requirements, and better and uniform quality of user experience will bring a need for evolved systems with extended capabilities.

ITU-R Study Group 5 Working Party 5D (WP5D) issued a new recommendation, "IMT Vision – Framework and overall objectives of the future development of IMT for 2020 and beyond"; it lists the following usage scenarios:
• Enhanced Mobile Broadband
• Ultra-reliable low-latency communications
• Massive machine-type communications