Effortlessly Optimize Your Gaming Experience

Built from the ground up, the Intel® Graphics Command Center is based on extensive feedback from the gaming community. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to optimize your graphics settings. Not sure what tessellation is? Anisotropic filtering? Don’t worry, our interface explains graphics settings in nontechnical terms so you can easily understand what each one does—and how much it will tax your hardware.

Don’t have time to mess around with settings? The Intel® Graphics Command Center easily finds and tunes your games, complete with recommended settings for your computer. Use one-click optimization for many popular titles and instantly get the most out of your system.

Game or watch movies and shows with rich and deep colors. Tweak color settings to maximize your display experience. Using multiple displays? You can set up monitors in different configurations to suit your needs. Everything’s just ready to go.


One-Click Optimization

The hottest new game is here and you just enabled one-click optimization. Now you’re ready to go! Prefer to adjust your own settings? We make it easy to understand what each setting does.

Capture and Streaming

Share your triumphs with seamless live streaming and capture with minimal impact on performance. With hardware optimization that makes it fast to capture and encode, save your recordings as a file, or broadcast them to your preferred streaming platform.

Seamless Continuous Game Tuning

Introducing Instant Game Tuning: focus on the game, not on maintaining software. Intel® Graphics Command Center seamlessly keeps game settings and drivers up to date from the cloud—and this beta feature will get more boosts in the future.

Crystal-Clear Game Sharpening

Switch on Game Sharpening for any game not being run at its native resolution. Our smart algorithms enhance edges without increasing the load on your system, so you can play with the performance you need.

Retro Scaling

Retro scaling reduces blurriness for pixel-based graphics on modern displays. Play vintage and indie games the way they were meant to look—with sharp, crisp pixels and defined edges.

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Flexible Monitor Configuration

Configure your display setup with one or more external monitors, and fine-tune how each one displays using monitor configuration tools. Adjust display scaling and use custom resolutions with your Intel® Graphics Command Center download.

Ongoing Improvements

Along with creating powerful video and home theater controls in our labs, Intel engineers are constantly working on pushing newer updates to continuously improve your gaming and content experience on our hardware. Discover our newest features with our beta app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Intel® Graphics Command Center is a console on Intel® PCs that offers graphics configuration options and optimizations. With personalized recommendations based on your hardware, the Intel® Graphics Command Center can make games and other graphics-intensive applications run with clearer, sharper graphics.

The Intel® Graphics Command Center may be included in other driver packages already installed on your PC. If the Intel® Graphics Command Center has not been automatically installed, you can find directions for manual installation here.

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Troubleshooting and Additional FAQs

Need help with Intel® Graphics Command Center? See frequently asked questions and troubleshoot common issues.

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Intel® Graphics Command Center Installation

Learn how to install the Intel® Graphics Command Center if it was not automatically included in your driver packages.

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Intel® Graphics Command Center Download

Download the Intel® Graphics Command Center to gain access to its capabilities and features.

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