Cyclone® V ST SoC FPGA

Cyclone® V ST SoC FPGA is FPGA industry’s low cost and power for 6.144 Gbps transceiver applications.

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Cyclone® V ST SoC FPGA

FPGA SoC Cyclone® V ST

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Intel® Cyclone® V ST SoC FPGA

Date de lancement
Éléments logiques (LE, Logic Elements)
Blocs de traitement numérique des signaux (DSP, Digital Signal Processing)
Mémoire embarquée maximale
Options de paquet
Cyclone® V 5CSTD6 FPGA Launched 2012 110000 112 6.191 Mb F896
Cyclone® V 5CSTD5 FPGA Launched 2012 85000 87 4.45 Mb F896