Cyclone® IV GX FPGA

Architecture consists of up to 115K vertically arranged LEs, 4 Mbits of embedded memory arranged as 9-Kbit (M9K) blocks, and 266 18 x 18 embedded multipliers.

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Cyclone® IV GX FPGA

FPGA GX Cyclone® IV

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Intel® Cyclone® IV GX FPGA

Date de lancement
Éléments logiques (LE, Logic Elements)
Blocs de traitement numérique des signaux (DSP, Digital Signal Processing)
Mémoire embarquée maximale
Options de paquet
Cyclone® IV EP4CGX15 FPGA Launched 2009 14000 0 540 Kb F169
Cyclone® IV EP4CGX22 FPGA Launched 2009 21000 40 756 Kb F169, F324
Cyclone® IV EP4CGX110 FPGA Launched 2009 109000 280 5.49 Mb F484, F672, F896
Cyclone® IV EP4CGX150 FPGA Launched 2009 150000 360 6.48 Mb F484, F672, F896
Cyclone® IV EP4CGX30 FPGA Launched 2009 29000 80 1.08 Mb F169, F324, F484
Cyclone® IV EP4CGX75 FPGA Launched 2009 74000 198 4.158 Mb F484, F672
Cyclone® IV EP4CGX50 FPGA Launched 2009 50000 140 2.502 Mb F484, F672