Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions are high frequency, high efficiency power management devices for FPGAs, SoCs, CPUs, ASICs, and other semiconductor devices. These robust, easy-to-use products meet your most stringent power requirements – all in a small footprint.

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Intel® Enpirion® power system-on-chip (PowerSoC) modules integrate nearly all the components needed to build a power supply without sacrificing performance or efficiency. These robust, easy-to-use products meet your most challenging power requirements for FPGAs, ASICs, Processors, and other semiconductors – all in a small footprint.

Enpirion PowerSoC modules deliver

  • Low noise, excellent EMI performance, and fast transient response while minimizing output capacitance
  • High integration in a tiny total footprint for maximum power density and a fast, low risk design cycle
  • High efficiency with no thermal derating required
  • Low component count and high reliability

Maximize power density and get the power performance you need quickly and easily with Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions.

Enabling Technology

High Frequency IC Technology

Built on LDMOS technology and IP that enables a small solution size while maintaining high efficiency.

Digital Communication and Control

Allows designers to build more flexible, intelligent, optimized systems that are programmed to the system's unique needs and integrate system health monitoring.

Magnetics Engineering

Leading-edge material and construction techniques optimize inductors for performance, manufacturability, and size.

Power Packaging and Construction

Unique, advanced packaging and closed loop testing provides a true power management system.

What's New

Digital Power Resource Center

Learn how fully digital Intel® Enpirion® PowerSoCs deliver the power performance, intelligence, and size to get the most out of high-performance embedded systems.

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Power Optimized for Noise-Sensitive Applications

The Intel® Enpirion® EN29A0 PowerSoC module delivers the highly accurate, low noise power performance needed to ensure signal integrity – even at the fastest data rates.

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Pack More Power Performance On Your Board

Board space is at a premium – save space with the Intel® Enpirion® EN6338 PowerSoC module. This tiny step-down DC-DC converter delivers 3A in a total solution size of only 45 square millimeters.

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Are You Impacted By The MLCC Shortage?

Learn how Intel® Enpirion® DC-DC step down power converters are can help you minimize the required capacitance.

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Documentation and Support

Find technical documentation, tutorials, and videos for power solutions.

Powering FPGAs Resource Center

Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions are ideal for powering FPGAs. Learn how to understand your FPGA design’s power requirements, and see power recommendations for the latest Intel® FPGAs.