Mobilizing Madrid’s Government and Public Sector

Local government empowers employees to stay productive anytime, anywhere with Intel® technology

With around 6.5 million inhabitants, Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union. The local government is responsible for providing services which range from education and culture to healthcare and transport. Its employ...ees take part in a diverse mix of activities, with many spending time both in the office and on the move. The Information and Communications agency (ICM) of the Comunidad de Madrid is tasked with keeping this workforce up and running to ensure the services delivered to the community are always top notch.

The Comunidad de Madrid is committed to delivering the most effective and efficient service to the region. For many of the back-office staff, this means being able to make the right decisions to carry out their daily roles most productively. They need access to information, even when they are away from the office. The ICM was therefore eager to put technology to work for the organization by equipping them with mobile devices that would enable on-the-move knowledge sharing.

The organization tested an Ultrabook™ with Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processors and an Asus* tablet with Intel® Core™ i5 processors and touch screen, both running the Microsoft Windows 8* Pro operating system. It was interested to investigate the user experience and compatibility of its existing applications with the new devices. “Compatibility with applications built for older versions of Windows was the key factor for us,” explains Julia Molina, client ICT manager, ICM Comunidad de Madrid. “If a device doesn't have this capability, it wouldn’t be viable.” The team’s initial findings were positive, with users satisfied by the performance, start-up time, responsiveness, and battery life of the devices. The fact the devices can connect to USB devices meant users could plug in to any additional equipment that they needed at any time, making them more productive.

The trial has enabled the Comunidad de Madrid to identify new opportunities to enhance its operational performance. Each user can take advantage of a device that is tailored to his or her needs in terms of mobility and access to corporate applications and systems. “We are putting technology at the service of our business in order to increase users' productivity and access to information, anytime and anywhere," comments Molina. The organization could deploy a variety of mobile devices based on Intel® technology and Windows 8 to users in many of its departments, including education, senior management and dependency law executors.

Read the full Mobilizing Madrid’s Government and Public Sector Success Brief.

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