How High Performance Computing Fabric is Changing the World

Innovating beyond today’s most complex questions requires massive computing power, and industries and researchers depend on high performance computing (HPC) tools to efficiently model and analyze immense amounts of raw data. To discover the next cure, harness new energy sources, and optimize nuclear security, Intel® True Scale Fabric based on InfiniBand* enables the efficient HPC scalability for ground breaking solutions to our world’s toughest challenges.


Driving more HPC use are the increasingly competing needs for more energy coupled with the challenges of finding new energy sources. Finding and extracting fossil fuels deep beneath the sea floor requires vast amounts of computing power to process massive volumes of raw modeling data efficiently, and many of the world’s largest oil exploration companies use Intel® technologies to improve their complex analyses  of exploration and recovery. Wind turbine companies also use performance enhancing technologies to analyze wind streams for optimizing new wind-powered turbine location for producing clean, affordable power.

Weather and Climate

Accurately forecasting and modeling weather patterns and climate change present immense HPC challenges. Supercomputers simulating rapidly developing forecasts or long-term climate change demand the ability to efficiently process huge amounts of raw data. As one of the industry's most scalable HPC interconnect designs, the Intel® True Scale Fabric harnesses every processor core to deliver high message rates for parallel applications and workloads. This power-efficient tool enables new performance levels whether jobs require tens or thousands of processor cores, allowing climate researchers to predict and solve tomorrow's climate-related issues.


In leading global universities and institutions, scientists and researchers use supercomputing resources to solve complex problems like identifying a jet stream’s optical effects on observatories, discovering chemical physics that deliver new green products, and understanding how climate change affects China’s coastal regions. Solving these challenges requires immense computing power and efficient tools, and improving efficiency helps academic institutions take full advantage of their resources. With Intel® True Scale Solutions being optimized for HPC, students and researchers have the ability to pursue, explore, and resolve urgent issues in less time.



Companies across a variety of industries rely on HPC to design, simulate, and optimize new products and entire markets. Automobile manufacturers use supercomputers to analyze and improve vehicle design, fuel efficiency, passenger safety, and boost assembly productivity for greater competitiveness and profitability. In aerospace, electronics, and materials sciences, HPC-generated simulations optimize design and building during test processes. Intel® True Scale Fabric performance enables companies to be more creative and bring new products to market faster; in turn, manufacturers create better products faster and more cost-effectively.

Government Research

Government agencies have wide-ranging supercomputing and data management needs like modeling nuclear weapons effects, forecasting weather, and simulating security threats. Government labs help emerging industries create new technologies and products to remain competitive in fast-moving markets. Leveraging the performance and scalable latency of Intel® True Scale Architecture, Intel helped the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) deploy the Tri-Laboratory Linux Capacity Cluster 2* (TLCC2) supercomputer. The technology demands heavy capacity computing in support of the administration’s stockpile stewardship program, which aims to sustain and assess the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile without underground tests.

Life science

Life Science

From molecular modeling to structural genomics and medicinal development, organizations around the world work to discover life-saving treatments on compute-intensive tools. And enhanced technologies like Intel® True Scale Fabric rapidly speed up these models and simulations—what once required months to complete now renders in minutes using today’s clustered HPC systems. Powering breakthrough research for the next amazing cure, faster performing HPC clusters based on more efficient and scalable technology helps scientists accelerate the rate of discovery.