Flexible Performance at the Tactical Edge

Deployed at the tactical edge, Crystal Group’s rugged computers deliver high-volume processing of real-time aviation data and intelligence. Modern avionics and military platforms require field-ready, scalable, and high-performance mission computers to run compute-intensive, safety-critical workloads. However, these platforms need to function in space-constrained environments, in which it is essential to minimize the size, weight, and power (SWaP) of the systems. Crystal Group’s RE3101 product is built to strict military standards, including Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) and MIL-SPEC. CSfC is the NSA’s commercial strategy for leveraging industry innovation to deliver Information Assurance solutions efficiently and securely. Constructed of ultra-rugged materials both inside and out, MIL-SPEC hardware often undergoes specialized testing to comply with various standards and certifications. The feature-rich RE3101 embedded computer systems are powerful, compact and rugged, making them flight-deck-ready. Configurable to meet customer-specific requirements, this rugged computer boasts advanced thermal management, milled aluminum chassis, extended temperature ranges and is field tested to withstand heavy shock and vibration.