12 Gaming Laptops Powered By 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

Upgrade to a 12th Gen laptop to improve gaming performance by up to 28%1, play on high-refresh rate screens with high resolutions, and experience cutting-edge connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E and Thunderbolt 4.


  • 12th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series gaming laptops outperform the previous generation by up to 28% in gaming benchmarks.1

  • They deliver higher framerates in games as well as faster content creation compared to last-gen.

  • Explore premier laptops from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, and Razer.

  • Options include state-of-the-art laptops that feature the Intel® Core™ i9-12900HK — the fastest mobile processor ever.2



12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors take gaming to the next level. With up to 28% higher gaming performance than the last generation, plus cutting-edge technologies across the SoC, the 12th Gen Intel Core H-series also lays claim to the title of world’s best mobile gaming platform1. Thanks to our innovative performance hybrid architecture, it can transform your experience as you play, stream, and create.

Performance hybrid architecture is the innovation that gives 12th Gen CPUs both brain and brawn; each processor uses a mix of powerful Performance-cores (P-cores), and agile Efficient-cores (E-cores) to populate its core mix.

P-cores provide superb single-threaded gaming performance, while E-cores offer scale for multitasking and background applications. Behind the scenes, the Intel Thread Director uses real-time telemetry from the CPU to optimize scheduling, helping ensure that the right task runs on the right core at the right time.

12th Gen Core also brings platform features that elevate your experience, like support for speedy DDR5 memory along with PCIe 4.0 for the latest SSDs and discrete GPUs. Wi-Fi 6E enables connections to an exclusive 6GHz band unused by legacy wireless devices, while Thunderbolt 4 helps you build out your battlestation with an external GPU, multiple high-resolution monitors, or a dock.

It all comes together in laptops that boost your FPS as you compete in fast-paced shooters, build empires in 4X strategy games, and stream yourself exploring dark hallways in the latest survival horror title. Whether you’re looking for a portable workhorse or a cutting-edge laptop with the fastest mobile processor ever1, this roundup will help you find an option that speaks to you.



Acer Predator Helios 300

  • Up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU
  • Eye-catching style with customizable per-key RGB backlighting

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is built for the next generation of gaming. Look beneath its sleek surface and backlit keys, and you’ll find up to a 14-core, 20-thread Intel Core i7 or i9 CPU alongside a GeForce RTX™ 3060 or better laptop GPU ready to take on the most demanding AAA games. State-of-the-art cooling with liquid metal thermal grease and 5th Gen Aeroblade 3D fan technology are designed to keep all those high-performance components running smoothly.

All that gaming horsepower is on clear display on the 15” screen. You can go for a 1080p resolution with a refresh rate up to 144Hz, or opt for a crisp 1440p resolution that scales up to 165Hz. You’ll need the high refresh rate either way, because the Helios 300 brings the frames. But the screen isn’t the only thing that draws attention as vibrant per-key RGB backlighting—customizable with the PredatorSense utility—turns heads wherever you go.

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Acer Nitro 5

  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU
  • Play in sharp 1440p resolution on a 15” or 17” display

Stretching 15” or 17”, the display of the Acer Nitro 5 lets you game at resolutions up to 1440p — the sweet spot between pixel density and performance. Refresh rates up to 165Hz keep pace with blistering framerates, rapidly updating the on-screen image to make animations smoother and give you a clearer picture of the action.

An Intel Core i7 CPU and GeForce RTX 3060 or better laptop GPU power the Nitro 5’s gaming performance, enabling next-gen bells and whistles like ray tracing. A MUX switch lets you disable the iGPU, which can increase graphical performance by routing discrete GPU output directly to the display – just remember to re-enable the integrated graphics when you want to save power by letting the discrete GPU shut down for less intensive tasks. Optional Intel® Killer™ DoubleShot™ Pro combines the benefits of Killer Wi-Fi and Ethernet, using both connections and sending your highest-priority gaming and voice traffic through the fastest one. And dual fans feeding a quad-exhaust design help keep temperatures low as in-game action heats up.

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Asus ROG Flow Z13

  • Up to an Intel® Core™ i9-12900H CPU
  • 2-in-1 design with 16:10 touchscreen and tablet mode

The ROG Flow Z13 is all about flexibility. It’s an ultraportable laptop, a 16:10 tablet, and a retro-futuristic work of art. Game in laptop mode to experience explosive first-person shooters on a 13” edge-to-edge display with up to a 120Hz refresh rate at 1080p (or 60Hz if you opt for the 4K option). Alternatively, break out the wireless controllers, engage the 170° kickstand, detach the keyboard, and play with friends in tablet mode. Weighing only 2.6 pounds, the 0.47” thin frame is both light and stylish enough to bring anywhere.

Beneath the CNC-milled aluminum chassis, RGB accents, and anti-fingerprint coating, the ROG Flow Z13 packs serious hardware. It’s powered by up to an Intel Core i9-12900H CPU, which uses 14 cores and 20 threads to deliver next-gen gaming experiences. It can also be equipped with up to a GeForce RTX 3050 Ti laptop GPU and a dedicated MUX switch. The MUX enables an optional mode that routes discrete GPU output directly to the display instead of through the integrated graphics, which allows higher performance but prevents the discrete GPU from shutting down completely to save power when you're not gaming. You can take your gameplay to the next level with an eGPU connected to either Thunderbolt 4 or the proprietary ROG XG Mobile interface.

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Asus ROG Strix Scar

  • Intel Core i9-12900H CPU
  • ROG Intelligent Cooling™ keeps temperatures low with 84-blade Arc Flow Fans

The ROG Strix Scar laptop is built for competition. Loaded with high-end hardware like a Core i9-12900H CPU and GeForce RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU in the top configuration, it brings the speed you need to top the leaderboard in multiplayer shooters and more. Multiple configurations let you select the screen that’s right for you, including 15” and 17” sizes, and a choice between 1080p resolution at up to 360Hz or 1440p at up to 240Hz.

This is a machine designed to stay cool under pressure. The Strix Scar uses Thermal Grizzly's Conductonaut Extreme Liquid Metal on the CPU, which helps keep temperatures cooler than traditional thermal paste. It also has 84-blade Arc Flow Fans with curved blades designed to minimize noise as they work. The chassis looks cool, too: Customizable armor caps let you swap in different accent pieces that come with the laptop or make your own via 3D printing.

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Asus TUF Dash F15

  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU
  • Mecha-inspired chassis with military-grade construction

The mecha-inspired chassis of the TUF Dash F15 is as eye-catching as it is durable. Ultra-modern but tasteful, the military-grade chassis houses an Intel Core i7 CPU and a GeForce RTX 3060 or better laptop GPU. You’ll see the results of all this gaming firepower on a 15” screen, available in either 1440p at 165Hz or 1080p at up to 300Hz. To further enhance your gaming experience, a dedicated MUX switch can activate a “direct GPU” mode that circumvents the laptop’s iGPU by routing discrete graphics signals directly to the display. This mode prevents the discrete GPU from turning off completely under lighter loads, which can impact power consumption.

True to its name, the TUF Dash F15 rushes to load programs and levels, thanks to cutting-edge 4800MHz DDR5 RAM and up to a 1TB NVMe SSD. The cooling system is designed not just to enable peak performance, but also to maintain long-term reliability. Its 84-blade Arc Flow Fans have varying thickness optimized to reduce air collision, and they work with four 2nd-generation anti-dust tunnels to help efficiently eject air.

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Dell Alienware x14

  • Up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU
  • Compact 14” form factor

Bring home a unique form factor with the Dell Alienware x14 gaming laptop. Up to an Intel Core i7-12700H CPU and an GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU combine to accelerate both gaming and content creation on a 14” 1080p display that refreshes at up to 144Hz with NVIDIA G-Sync and Advanced Optimus. Featuring Alienware’s iconic stylings, the x14 is built for Goldilocks gamers who find 15” form factors a bit too cumbersome to carry, and 13” a bit on the small side for dominating the online gaming arena.

Expect anything you play on the x14 to load in a snap with up to 4TB of nimble NVMe storage and up to 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM. It all fits inside a sleek Alienware chassis with a Lunar Light finish and programmable AlienFX lighting.

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Dell G15

  • Up to an Intel Core i7-12700H CPU
  • Refresh rates up to 240Hz allow silky-smooth gameplay at 1440p

Get a gaming machine that scales to the task at hand — whether that’s playing online shooters at high refresh rates or managing a swarm of streaming and recording applications. With up to an Intel Core i7-12700H CPU, paired with a GeForce RTX 3060 or better laptop GPU, the Dell G15 is built to punch above its weight class.

Take in the cinematic sweep of the latest AAA action games on the 15” screen, and choose between multiple display options: 1080p at refresh rates up to 165Hz, or a higher 1440p resolution at a silky-smooth 240Hz. Finally, thanks to new DDR5 RAM and a high-speed NVMe SSD, you’ll jump into the action with minimum time waiting for boot-up and load screens.

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HP Omen 16

  • Up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU
  • 16” display strikes a balance between 15” and 17” laptops

The HP Omen 16 is built for immersion. There’s plenty of processor power, with up to an Intel Core i9 CPU on board, plus graphics options up to a GeForce RTX 3070 Ti laptop GPU. New Omen Tempest Cooling Technology is designed to keep temperatures in check whether you’re streaming gameplay for your friends on Discord, or editing together a highlight reel of your exploits.

A 16" screen draws you into the action as you play, offering resolutions up to 1440p at refresh rates up to 165Hz. The clean design looks equally at home in a coffee shop and a LAN party; at least until you turn on the RGB lighting, of course. You can customize colors with the Omen Gaming Hub, which also offers performance options and temperature monitoring to help you get the most out of the system.

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Lenovo Legion 5i Pro

  • Up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU
  • Taller 16:10 aspect ratio offers more vertical space

The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro boasts both refined design and uncompromising performance. It's available with up to a Core i9 CPU, paired with graphics options ranging up to a GeForce RTX 3070 Ti laptop GPU. And it's all inside a sleek, travel-ready chassis weighing 5.1 pounds, so you can take stellar gaming performance on the go.

The clever design features a taller 16:10 display that pushes its 1600p resolution at refresh rates up to 240Hz. Creature comforts? Lenovo’s got you covered with an included E-shutter switch that disables the webcam in a pinch. Most of the ports are also located at the back, including power, HDMI, and Ethernet, which helps create a cleaner setup at your desk.

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MSI Katana GF66/76

  • Up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU
  • Eye-catching lightweight chassis with illuminated red keyboard

Sharpen your game with a laptop that’s both thin and powerful. The red glow of its illuminated keyboard might be the first thing to catch your eye. Or the 1080p IPS-level screen, which stretches 15” or 17” with thin bezels, and refreshes at 144Hz to keep pace with high FPS.

But what you’ll really value is under the hood. There, a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU along with laptop GPU options ranging up to a GeForce RTX 3070 Ti give you the edge on the online battlefield. Thanks to Cooler Boost 5 technology — which widens the heat pipes’ internal diameter and uses exclusive thermal grease — these key components can deliver excellent gaming performance without overheating. The Katana GF76 is ready to conquer new worlds in AAA games, climb the competitive ladder in esports titles, and open the door to new realities in VR.

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MSI Raider GE76

  • Intel® Core™ i9-12900HK CPU
  • MSI OverBoost delivers a combined 220W to CPU and GPU

Looking for a top-of-the-line gaming machine? This one’s glowing with power. Inside you’ll find an Intel Core i9-12900HK that delivers exceptional performance, and the top configuration adds a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU that accelerates FPS in today’s most demanding titles. The 17” screen boasts high refresh rates across multiple configurations: 360Hz at 1080p, 240Hz at 1440p, and 120Hz at 4K. The vibrant RGB light bar is just the cherry on top.

The Raider GE76 enables peak performance with features like MSI OverBoost, which makes a combined maximum power of 220W available to the CPU and GPU. Factor in the Cooler Boost 5 design, which uses two large fans and six widened heatpipes to disperse thermal energy, and it’s easy to see why GE76 excels at extreme gaming.

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Razer Blade 15

  • Up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU
  • Slim profile with vapor chamber cooling

Everything about the Razer Blade 15 is state-of-the-art. It boasts up to a monstrous 14-core i9 CPU and up to a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU, which work together to create dazzling virtual worlds on a 15” screen with resolutions up to 4K. Choose the display configuration that matches your playstyle with 4K at 144Hz, 1440p at 240Hz, and 1080p at 360Hz options. Then marvel at detailed textures and next-gen effects like ray tracing.

The Razer Blade 15 is as portable as it is powerful. Ultra-efficient vapor chamber cooling uses the evaporation and condensation of internal fluid to help maximize thermal capacity while keeping the chassis as thin as 0.67”. The laptop is also light enough to take anywhere, and it features per-key RGB that allows eye-catching customization.

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