Five Myths of Wireless Networks

Five Myths of Wireless Networks

IT professionals who have resisted deploying pervasive wireless networks based on earlier assessments need to revisit their decisions in light of a new generation of standards, technologies, and products.

The primary reasons IT professionals cite for not adopting pervasive wireless are:
• The benefits of a wireless network versus a wired network not clear.
• There are security threats to wireless networks.
• The complexity of wireless networks—and the resources required to deploy and support them—are too costly.
• Wireless technology is still not mature.
• Aside from data mobility, the business value of wireless networks isn’t evident.

This white paper addresses the top concerns of IT professionals who resist the deployment of pervasive, enterprise-wide wireless networks. It identifies these reservations based on the experience of Cisco Systems* and Intel Corporation in leading new efforts in wireless standards and working with enterprise customers. By presenting advances in wireless technologies, products, and standards, this paper challenges the outdated perceptions that currently prevent many businesses from capturing the tangible benefits of pervasive wireless networks.

Read the full Five Myths of Wireless Networks Paper.

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