Does your system meet the requirements?

Intel offers free testing services to qualified customers designing platforms based on Intel® architecture.

Touch Testing

Is your touch enabled device accurate and responsive?

Touch devices are getting more and more sophisticated. User interactions with a device are expanding user experience and the quality of the device is becoming a major differentiator in product selection. By reliably testing touch accuracy, latency, scroll performance or other features that strongly affect the user experience, mobile and touch device manufacturers can achieve real market benefits without sacrificing user experience.


Shock and Vibration Testing

Does your system meet the rigorous environment for which it was designed? Our testing service allows you to send in a fully configured system for shock and vibration testing. The tests involve simulating random usages to determine if the system can withstand the short-time, moderately high-level force impacts and movements encountered during day-to-day use, transportation, and service. Testing a system before launch can help you determine issues early and result in designing a higher-quality product.

Our shock and vibe equipment can test against industry standards and for your custom requirements:

  • Shock levels up to 600G
  • Vibe frequencies up to 3000 Hz

The system is not powered on during these tests.

Ready to Test?

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