Accelerating HPC Solution Development

Customers need high performance computing (HPC) solutions to accelerate their time to insight and decision making for research and business. You can develop those solutions faster and easier with unbranded, fully validated Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC.

High performance computing (HPC) is transforming traditional sectors that are using it to greatly accelerate their time-to-insight and decision making. Customers beyond government and academia are suddenly in the market for HPC solutions. An HPC Compute Block can simplify the development of those solutions and speed time to market for you and your customers.

Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC

Intel® Scalable System Framework (SSF) Configured HPC Compute Blocks

Configure To Order to Meet Your Needs Mix and Match: Build Your Own Compute Block

HPC Compute Blocks can be configured to order (CTO) to meet the specific needs of a customer. This option provides the flexibility to build HPC solutions that meet specific use cases, while also benefiting from Intel engineering and validation expertise and a faster path to market with Intel’s latest technology.

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  • 1U and 2U Rack form factors
  • Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family and Intel® Xeon® processor family
  • Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor family
  • Intel Fabric, Ethernet and RAID adapters
  • Intel® Server products hardware and accessories from supported families

Configurez vos propres Intel® Data Center Blocks

Les Intel® Data Center Blocks peuvent être configurés à la demande, afin de mieux répondre aux besoins spécifiques d'un client. Cet outil permet de configurer vos produits en fonction de paramètres spécifiques et d'automatiser le processus de création de devis en fonction du distributeur de votre choix.

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Cette diapositive présente une synthèse de l'outil de configuration à la demande incluant des copies d'écran du mode d'utilisation.

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Trouvez des réponses aux questions les plus fréquentes sur l'outil de configuration à la demande et le nouveau processus de génération de devis.

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Les Intel® Data Center Blocks facilitent l'adoption, la qualification et la vente des toutes nouvelles technologies Intel®. Les partenaires ITP (Intel® Technology Provider) ont accès à des programmes spécialisés et des promotions permettant d'optimiser l'utilisation de ces composants et d'accélérer la commercialisations de solutions novatrices.

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Reseller Benefits

Pre-integrated and fully validated systems reduce barriers to market and help you enter strong and growing data center categories such as Cloud, SDI, HPC, SMB, and others.

Fully validated building blocks reduce time to market, complexity, and costs of system design, validation, and integration.

Configured blocks help you focus R&D resources on differentiation and value-add while accelerating customer transformation to better technologies.

Intel’s proven quality, reliability, and value assist pre-sale customer buy in while Intel warranty and support boost post-sales confidence.


Discover how Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC make creating innovative solutions for your customers easier and faster.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ product family, a component of the HPC Compute Block and element of the Intel® Scalable System Framework, eliminates performance bottlenecks, simplifies your code modernization, and provides power-efficiency.

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MEGWARE* integrates Intel® Server products for HPC Compute Blocks into their HPC solutions, taking advantage of the high-quality, cost-effective, semi-integrated server building blocks based on Intel’s most advanced technologies.

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