Intel® DCB for Business—SGX Server Block

Content Delivery Networks, Cloud Service Providers, Communications Networks, and Financial Institutions

Safeguard Sensitive Information
In a highly competitive market, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Cloud Service Providers (CSP), Communications Networks, and Financial Institutions (FI) need a cost-effective cryptographic security solution that delivers enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and security in an easy-to-manage system. These businesses also seek competitive pricing for their server infrastructure. To address this demand, Intel offers the Intel® Data Center Blocks for Business—SGX Server Block, a fully-integrated server system that features Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX).

The SGX Server Block is designed for information security workloads and uses Intel's industry-leading cryptographic isolation technology. Intel® SGX provides CPU-hardened enclaves, or protected areas of execution in memory, that increase security for selected code and data on compromised platforms.