About Intel Israel

Employees of Intel in Israel are committed to projects that strengthen community relations through volunteering and collaboration with community members, regional leaders, policy makers, and NGOs. With over 44,000 hours volunteered by over 40 percent of Intel’s staff in 2009 we are contributing our technological expertise in the areas like education and environmental responsibility. Our education programs help teachers and students use technology to develop crucial 21st century skills.

Think Positive+

Intel Israel’s successful student mentorship program, Think Positive+, recently celebrated its seventh consecutive year. Through the program, more than 300 employees from Intel and partner companies volunteered their time during the year to mentor high school students across Israel. Students met with dedicated employees during after-school hours at Intel campuses, where they learned how they can apply mathematics and science to their futures.

The Think Positive+ program is part of a larger Intel initiative to promote academic achievements in math and science in Israeli high schools. We encourage students to pursue mathematics or engineering degrees at Israeli universities, helping to create and develop the technological workforce of tomorrow. Originally launched by Intel Petach Tikva, the Think Positive+ program has expanded to other Intel sites nationwide, including Haifa, Kiryat Gat, Jerusalem, and Yakum.

Intel Computer Clubhouse

The Intel Computer Clubhouse project introduces hundreds of children and teenagers to computers. The project uses a hands-on approach so students will feel comfortable with technology. Mentors from the community help students enhance their self-esteem, while helping them develop 21st century skills through project-based learning. Intel has established a strong, positive presence in the community, with Computer Clubhouses in Kiryat Gat, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

Intel® Teach Program

Over the past nine years, the Intel® Teach Program has trained more than 30,000 Israeli teachers. This program focuses on K-12 teachers throughout Israel, helping them understand how, when, and where to bring technology tools and resources into the classroom.

Thinking with Technology, a training course for teachers, has been an integral part of the Intel Teach Program for the past four years. Through this course, teachers learn how to use online tools to enhance students’ higher-order thinking skills, such as critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving. Teachers also learn strategies that support collaborative student-centered learning, and leave the course with instructional plans, sample projects, and course materials. The online learning tools provided by this program feature an online workspace where students can create and visualize their projects. Using these tools, students engage in robust discussions, analyze complex information, and solve problems.

Intel® Learn Program

The Intel® Learn Program takes learning outside the classroom and into our communities. Our focus is on children from underserved backgrounds who otherwise would not have access to technology. Intel Israel collaborates with Tapuah, a local non-profit organization dedicated to advancing Israel’s knowledge economy. Together, we have reached more than 300,000 Israeli children. Children in the Intel program participate in a special study program that enriches their technology knowledge, encourages teamwork, and improves their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.


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