Intel Public Policy

How Intel promotes innovation worldwide.

How Intel Fosters Innovation Worldwide

Intel works with governments, organizations, and industries around the world to advocate policies that encourage new ideas, promote fair commerce, and protect resources. By promoting innovation and competition worldwide, Intel seeks to help people and businesses thrive in an increasingly global economy.

Automotive and Transportation Policy

Intel converts vast amounts of data into meaningful and actionable knowledge to help solve automotive safety, transportation efficiency and infrastructure challenges. We develop innovations including autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, “smart” fleet management and intelligent transportation infrastructure.

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Customs and Trade Facilitation Policy

Modernization of customs and trade procedures is important to major global supply chain participants. Intel depends on the ability to move products across international borders quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal burdens.

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Digital Health Policy

Intel seeks to drive public policies that speed the adoption of healthcare technologies to improve individuals' results and expand healthcare technology markets worldwide.

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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Intel believes that diverse teams, thinking, and leadership styles create more opportunities for innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking. Diversity invites different perspectives, experiences, and ideas to our company and to the many innovative solutions we deliver to markets around the world.

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Environment and Energy Policy

Technology has made a significant impact driving environmental efficiencies throughout the world. As an environmentally responsible manufacturer of energy-efficient products, Intel works with governments worldwide to help shape progressive energy policy.

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Global Trade Policy

Intel does three-quarters of its advanced manufacturing and R&D in the U.S., yet generates more than three quarters of its revenue overseas. Our business depends on robust trade agreements and effective global engagement.

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Immigration Policy

Intel is the leading designer and manufacturer of computer, networking, and communications products and employs more than 100,000 people worldwide, including 80,000 in technical roles and more than half of whom are in the United States.

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Intellectual Property Policy

Intel owns approximately 70,000 patent assets worldwide. Innovation, and the intellectual property (IP) that underlines it, are central to our business. Intel believes that a balanced, fair approach to IP systems is the best way to incentivize innovation. Intel's objective is to achieve balanced protection and enforcement for intellectual property—including patents, copyrights, and trade secrets—globally.

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Privacy Policy

Intel recognizes that the success of innovation depends upon individuals' trust in the technologies they use, particularly when it comes to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous driving. Intel believes that robust privacy protection is a key component of consumer awareness and trust, as well as working with governments worldwide to engage in meaningful discussion about approaches to data privacy legislation.

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Security and Trust Policy

The ever-increasing scale, scope, and sophistication of cybersecurity attacks and global supply chains have required governments and industries to evolve their approaches to combating these threats, including better cross-sector coordination. Security is consistently at the forefront of Intel’s innovation as both a consumer and developer of cybersecurity technologies.

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Spectrum Policy

Appropriate global communications policies can increase the availability of high-quality Internet and communications services by promoting the widespread deployment of affordable broadband technologies, including wireless, and associated services, while at the same time not limiting innovation in technology and services.

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Tax Policy

Intel is one of the largest investors in R&D among U.S. publicly traded companies and invests heavily in the U.S. economy with capital and jobs. Intel supports a stable tax system that encourages U.S. innovation and manufacturing.

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