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CAD-Integrated FEA: Critical Solution for Every Engineer

The Simulation Desktop
Fast, CAD-Integrated FEA is a Critical Solution for Every Engineer

Harnessing the power of CAD-integrated finite element analysis (FEA) demands speed. That’s why Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation (DS SolidWorks) embarked on a project two years ago to make the SolidWorks Simulation* desktop substantially faster and more efficient, so you can leverage this critical design tool to deliver innovative products to market faster than ever. DS SolidWorks achieved its goal with SolidWorks Simulation 2014 software. Using this top-performing FEA solution on workstations based on the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2 product family and Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs), it’s now not only possible but also extremely efficient—more than 10 times faster in some cases—to drive product experimentation right at your desk; or with mobile workstations, right in your lap. The performance gains documented in this paper can help you accelerate your workflows and enable you to quickly create, interrogate, and improve your product designs in a fast-paced iterative loop.

Read the full CAD-Integrated FEA: Critical Solution for Every Engineer White Paper.

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