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InfoSphere Information Server* 8.7 Performance Characteristics

Performance of IBM InfoSphere Information Server* 8.7: Paper

Performance Characteristics of IBM InfoSphere Information Server* 8.7 Running on VMware vSphere* 5.0 on Intel® Xeon® Processors

Executive Summary
Virtualization has become one of the hottest technologies in recent years. With the continuous growth of processing power and the increasing number of processor cores in servers, virtualization has become very attractive for many companies. As more and more IBM InfoSphere Information Server* customers begin to adopt virtualization technology, understanding the performance characteristics of InfoSphere Information Server running in virtualized environments has become critical. IBM, VMware, and Intel have collaborated to study the runtime performance of IBM InfoSphere DataStage* 8.7 running in a virtual machine on VMware vSphere* 5.0 on a server featuring the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family. This study demonstrated that InfoSphere DataStage runs well in a virtualized environment; InfoSphere DataStage was able to scale as the number of virtual CPUs was increased. Moreover, under normal conditions, throughput was only 2 percent to 10 percent lower for DataStage running in a virtualized environment.

Read the full Performance of IBM InfoSphere Information Server* 8.7 White Paper.

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