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Managing Cloud Data Growth with Intelligent Storage Solutions Powered by Intel

Managing Cloud Data Growth with Intelligent Storage Solutions

For cloud service providers and enterprises, the unrelenting growth of unstructured data creates major storage issues. Data such as user-generated photos, videos, e-mail, documents, and web content already occupy the bulk of storage capacity—and continue to expand by more than 50 percent annually.

Today, both “hot” and “co...ld” data are stored in the cloud. Hot data is accessed frequently and requires very high-performance, low-latency solutions. Cold data, on the other hand, is accessed infrequently and can tolerate latencies. The challenge with vast amounts of unstructured information is to maintain the correct balance between cost and performance while making sure the data is always available.

Using storage solutions based on Intel® processors and networking, cloud service providers and enterprises can address these issues by building storage tiers optimized for specific cost, reliability, security, and performance requirements—including a highly cost-effective tier designed to handle massive quantities of unstructured data. This strategy efficiently delivers the right data to the right place at the right time.

Read the full Managing Cloud Data Growth with Intelligent Storage Solutions Solutions Brief.

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