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AppNexus Scales Up Performance with Aerospike* NoSQL Database

Wide, Fast SATA: Scaling Up High-Performance, Multi-Terabyte Pure Flash Storage with the Aerospike* In-Memory NoSQL Database
Aerospike— the only in-memory (DRAM + Flash) NoSQL operational DBMS

The Aerospike* distributed database uses DRAM and solid-state drives (SSDs) or PCIe* flash cards for predictable high-performance, mission-critical applications. Aerospike scales up by managing indexes in DRAM and data in DRAM and flash, and scales out to consistently process over 200k transactions per second, per node with sub-millisecond latency. Aerospike is the first database to demonstrate how Flash and SSD technology can be used as part of an in-memory computing architecture for real-time big data driven applications.

Aerospike’s customers typically require high transactional performance with high availability for multi-terabyte data sets. Aerospike’s SSD optimized database has seen the progression from 100 GB SATA drives (4 per server) to larger SATA drives (12 to 20 per server node) and smaller server clusters. It enables customers with even the most demanding deployments to keep their nodes per cluster count down to a smaller, more manageable size.

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