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White Paper: Metrics for Anonymous Video Analytics on Digital Signage

Pattern Detection Technology and Privacy

Networked digital screens are now prevalent in the retail and public spaces landscape in North America and globally, displaying information and marketing messages to consumers throughout their busy days.

Hundreds of networks, operating hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected screens, have been deployed by everyone from pure startup companies to major media corporations. An entirely new medium has bubbled up and now competes for the advertising budgets of major brands and their media planning agencies. Just a decade old, the Digital Out-Of-Home (or DOOH) advertising category was estimated by research firm PQ Media to be a $6.5 US billion business in 2010.

Using the same enabling technologies, retailers, packaged goods brands, and the operators of facilities such as malls, event centers, airports, colleges, and museums are also deploying digital displays to more effectively, and efficiently, communicate with their guests and visitors. Screens intended to influence consumer decisions or simply help people navigate large and busy environments are now commonplace. The digital signage sector, as it is generically known, has developed into a high-growth business sector, spawned the development of hundreds of software companies, and drawn in the likes of Intel, Cisco, HP, along with all of the display industry’s biggest players.

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