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Exascale Computing: FastForward Processor and Memory Projects

Intel aims to achieve exascale-level computation by the end of the decade, but the challenge is to deliver 1,000 times the performance of today's petascale computers with only a fraction more of the system's energy consumption and space requirements. We have made significant investments in areas that will increase our exascale capabilities, including development of new generations of Intel® Xeon® processors with Intel Xeon PhiTM co-processors. In addition, Intel's recent acquisitions of InfiniBand* and interconnect assets from Qlogic and Cray will help dramatically increase the speed of data delivered on exascale-class platforms.


In pursuit of the exascale goal, Intel has been awarded two contracts with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to apply new approaches to extreme-scale computing research and development. Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLS (LLNS) has awarded two separate subcontracts to Intel Federal, LLC: FastForward Processor and FastForward Memory.


The "FastForward" program will harness the talents of the national laboratories, academia, and U.S. industry to develop the next generation of high-performance computing (HPC) technologies. Research and development will cover a number of areas, including memory research and how to achieve more reliable and energy-efficient processor technology. Intel's memory research in particular will evaluate how next-generation memory architectures, combined with processing power, provide optimal, energy-efficient performance for a broad range of DOE applications and other HPC workloads.


The FastForward development effort aligns with the U.S. Government’s commitment to using high-performance computing to solve current and future national challenges involving energy, security, and the economy.