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Fully Buffered DIMM System Validation Results

Listed below are the results of testing a sample of FBDIMM modules on Intel® reference systems and Channel Test Card (CTC), so as to provide a guideline for memory compatibility with Intel chipsets. We are providing this information as a guide to module performance. This testing is not intended to replace the normal OEM module qualification process. For results on specific Intel or OEM production motherboards, please refer to the OEM's list of qualified memory suppliers.

The following FBDIMMs have passed Intel validation:
Test vehicles = Intel reference motherboard with 2 DIMMs per channel and CTC.

FBDIMM validation results

Download FBDIMM system validation results.

Approved test labs

The following test labs have the capability of performing FBDIMM system-level testing. For further information, please contact:

Advanced validation labs
Attn: Rhonda Duda, Program Manager
Phone: 714-438-2787
17665B Newhope Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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