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Mobile Science Apps for Big Data Enhance Lab Productivity

Mobile Science Apps for Big Data Enhance Lab Productivity

Mobile apps for big data—running on Ultrabooks™ and other Intel® processor-based mobile devices and using the touch capabilities of Windows* 8 Professional—can provide touch-enabled productivity plus compatibility with the enterprise IT environment. In this case study, Tom Arneman and Robert Cooper of Ceiba Solutions tell why they’ve touch-enabled two of their leading applications:
• Helium*, a self-service mobile app for big data that targets the needs of pharma researchers and other lab scientists.
• Concierge*, a portal solution that lets lab scientists remotely access information about their instruments and experiments in real time.

Ceiba’s touch-enabled mobile apps enable lab scientists to get more value from their data, work more efficiently and effectively, and streamline decision-making around drug development.

Arneman and Cooper say touch enables his science users to work more efficiently and innovate more intuitively. By developing mobile apps for big data that use the Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor and Windows 8 Professional, Arneman says Ceiba can enhance scientists’ productivity while helping IT departments manage the devices remotely and safeguard valuable data. Ceiba apps operate natively within the Microsoft Office* environment, allowing users to move between the Windows touch environment and traditional enterprise applications. Users can open email attachments and use their existing electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and peripherals. IT departments can seamlessly integrate the Intel processor-based tablets and other devices into their computing environments.

Read the full Mobile Science Apps for Big Data Enhance Lab Productivity Case Study.

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