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Cisco Unified Computing System: A Powerful, Simplified, and Flexible Alternative to RISC Computing

Cisco Unified Computing System*: A Powerful, Simplified, and Flexible Alternative to RISC Computing

Business continues to ask more of IT. Increased performance, new capabilities, and rapid scaling are standard requirements for today’s data center. Over the years, innovative server platforms have helped move the business forward. However, these innovations have often increased both complexity and operating costs. Today, the challenges associated with scale-out architectures are overstretching the management and support capabilities of the IT departments of many companies. In addition, many existing platforms based on reduced instruction set computer (RISC) processor architectures require proprietary operating systems, often limit customers’ software choices and architectural options, and can lock customers into high-cost, proprietary upgrade and support models.

These factors are causing many customers to replace their proprietary platforms with industry-standard x86-architecture hardware to take advantage of a broader set of operating systems, supported applications, and administrative skills. With the Cisco Unified Computing System*, Cisco has delivered a significant new server platform. Customers are rapidly discovering that by uniting computing, networking, and storage access resources and the single-pane management of the complete solution, the Cisco Unified Computing System delivers:

• Reliability, availability, and serviceability
• Reduced space, power, and cooling requirements
• Increased IT and business agility

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