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Solutions de stockage pour petites et moyennes entreprises et la maison

Vous pouvez maintenant acheter des solutions de stockage de données domestiques répondant aux besoins uniques d'un petit bureau.

Comment connecter votre PC portable à une TV en HDMI*

Dave Taylor montre comment connecter un PC portable à une TV à l'aide d'un simple câble HDMI* pour diffuser des contenus entre les deux appareils.

Eric Dishman on Healthcare Technology

Eric Dishman talks future when healthcare needs are addressed at home.

Kevin Kahn on the Future of Highway Technology

Kevin Kahn envisions the technological advances of the highway of tomorrow.

Manny Vara Video

Video features Intel Labs Chief Evangelist Manny Vara discussing future technology adapting to us, not the other way around.

Tomm Aldridge Video

Features Tomm Aldridge explaining how Intel’s energy technology paves the way to a brighter future.

Virtual Footwear Wall* from Adidas and Intel

3D touch point imaging and social media content on a virtual footwear wall ensuring product choice, size, and purchase accuracy.

How to Use HDMI to Stream HDTV from Your PC

Dave Taylor explains how to stream HDTV with a HDMI cable.

Refresh Your PC for a Two in One

Is your laptop too awkward? Say goodbye clumsy and hello new for a two in one, and see how flexibility is more affordable than you think.

Refresh Your PC for Great Battery Life

Is your PC battery lagging? Say goodbye weak and hello new, and see how great battery life is more affordable than you think.