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Technologie Intel® de protection de l'identité (Intel® IPT)

La technologie Intel® de protection de l'identité (Intel® IPT) renforce la sécurité de vos comptes en empêchant les accès non autorisés.

Appareils avec technologie Intel® RealSense™

Gamme d'ordinateurs portables et autres appareils avec technologie Intel® RealSense™ pour reconnaître les expressions du visage et les gestes de la main.

Technologie Rapid Start avec les technologies de réactivité Intel®

Améliorez la réactivité des PC avec la technologie Intel® Rapid Start d'Intel® Intelligent Technologies, qui préserve l'autonomie de la batterie et accélère les opérations.

Apps Compatible with Intel® Smart Connect Technology: Tech Brief

Get automatic updates to email and social networks; apps compatible with Intel® Smart Connect Technology enable off-line viewing, notices, and access.

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The Benefits of Intel® WiDi for Home

Enjoy the benefits of Intel® WiDi like fast connection with real-time audio and video, and seamless screen sharing from your PC, tablet, or phone.

How to Use Intel® WiDi for Home

Discover how easy it is to use Intel® WiDi on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, and start streaming apps from your personal device on your HDTV.

The Requirements of Intel® WiDi for Home

Discover the key requirements of Intel® WiDi, which once met will enable you to stream content from PC to TV with convenience, speed, and reliability.

Wireless Streaming to Your TV with Intel® WiDi for Home

See the benefits of wireless streaming to TV with Intel® WiDi, which features rich HD experiences, dual-screen interaction, and big-screen gaming.

Intel® Technology for Creators

Discover new Intel® technologies for creators that inspire, simplify, and help musicians, photographers, and filmmakers do more with their tools.

Intel Experience Booths at CES 2015

Watch demos and ask questions at the Intel Experience Booths at CES 2015; experience freedom, creativity, a new dimension, invention, and more.