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Ultrasound Solutions: Real-Time 3-D Imaging

Explore scalable performance for real-time 3-D ultrasound solutions through documentation, tools, and downloads. (v.1, Oct. 2013)

The Conflict Mineral Journey

Trace the path of conflict minerals, from the mines to the consumers.

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Intel Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct, 2010: mission, values, guidelines.

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Conflict Minerals in Your Daily Digital Life

In everything we use, conflict minerals can be found in our daily digital world.

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Healthcare Policies and Standards

Intel collaborates with healthcare providers, other companies, and policymakers on innovative new products and solutions.

Renji Hospital: Improving Medical Services

Renji Hospital Shanghai Jaio Tao University School of Medicine enables enhanced mobile patient care with Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablets.

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Intel Public Intellectual Property Policy

Provides recommendations for intellectual property policy to protect innovation, such as reducing abusive patent litigation practices.

Intel Public Privacy Policy

Discusses key federal privacy policy issues, including recommendations for comprehensive legislation, security, predictable enforcement, and more.

Intel Public Cloud Policy

Outlines the key issues for creating a public cloud policy, including legislation and support for privacy, security, and energy efficiency.

Intel Public US Communications Policy

Discusses key issues for US communications policy, including Intel’s suggestions for broadband, 3G and 4G, Wi-Fi policy, and more.