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Intel Facts

Answers to our most frequent questions.

Intel Timeline: A History of Innovation

Explore Intel’s history of innovation in an interactive timeline; view Intel’s biggest accomplishments and newsworthy moments by year or decade.

Moore's Law and Intel Innovation

Learn about Moore’s Law, the business model that drives the semiconductor industry and the exponential growth that continues today.

Making Silicon Chips

Explore how Intel drives digital innovation with the world’s most advanced manufacturing, and learn about what goes into making silicon chips.

Inside the Intel Museum: New Exhibits

Museum staff and visitors describe their favorite new exhibits at the Intel Museum, including interactive digital rain, Arti the robot, and more.

1974 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1974.

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1979 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1979.

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1976 Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report, 1976.

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