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Healthcare Inspires a Better Future

Discover how individuals and companies using technology improve the quality of healthcare services, helping to build a better future.

Intel Public Policy: Environment and Energy

Public Policy: Intel works with governments worldwide to help shape progressive, practical environment and energy policies.

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Intel Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct, 2010: mission, values, guidelines.

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Intel Public Policy: Communications and Broadband

Intel promotes communications policies that encourage deployment of wireless, wired broadband services.

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Intel Human Rights Principles

Policy: Discusses Intel's position on key human rights issues

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Intel Public Policy: Media and Content

Intel advocates media and content policies to help enable new digital markets with respect to intellectual property, consumer interests.

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Intel Public Policy: Health Information Technology

Policy Brief: Intel drives public policy that speeds the adoption of healthcare technologies for individuals and markets worldwide.

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Intel Political Accountability Guidelines

Policy: Intel drafts formal policy on political accountability to provide improvement and clarity to existing practices.

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Intel Public Policy: Trade

Public Policy: Trade agreements and rules that facilitate commerce between countries and expand access of the technology industry to world markets.

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Integral Privacy Notice by Intel Corporation (Spanish)

Privacy Notice: Defines Intel Corporation’s policy on the use of personal data, including what data is collected, methods, and more. (In Spanish)

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