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Embedded Intel® Celeron® Desktop Processors for Low-Power Designs

Product features and technical documents provide information for embedded Intel® Celeron® desktop processors, including user guides and datasheets.

Intel® in Automotive - infotainment to self-driving cars

Intel® in automotive includes technologies to take you from in-vehicle infotainment to self-driving cars.

MeshCentral on Intel® Gateways Simplifies IoT Management: Brief

Brief: MeshCentral on Intel® Gateway solutions for IoT simplifies the connection and management of all types of legacy devices. (v.1, Jun. 2014)

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Increase Scalability of Communications Infrastructure

The Intel® Atom™ processor C2000 for communications infrastructure enables manufacturers to use the same code, top-to-bottom, increasing scalability.

SDN Orchestration Layer Implementation Considerations

White Paper: How providing the SDN orchestration layer with more info on node platform capabilities can lead to greater virtual machine performance.

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A New Era of Trust: Advancing Security in the Intelligent Car

Vehicle data can deliver untold safety and convenience benefits, so Intel is advancing scalable intelligent car security to ultra-small devices.

Intel® Galileo Board TFT LCD Connectivity: White paper

White paper: The Intel® Galileo board can be connected to a (TFT) display in the absence of an on-chip graphics controller. (v.1.0, Jun. 2014)

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Intel® Galileo Development Board Arduino IDE and USB: Video

Video: Getting Started with the Intel® Galileo development board – how to install the Arduino IDE and USB driver (part 3 of 9). (v.1.0, May 2014)

Intel® Galileo Development Board Blink Sketch Sample App: Video

Video: Getting started with the Intel® Galileo development board—compile and upload an Arduino sketch application (part 5 of 9). (v.1.0, May 2014)

Intel® Galileo Development Board Yocto* Upload and Boot: Video

Video: Getting started with the Intel® Galileo development board—upload a Yocto* Project Linux* image (part 6 of 9). (v.1.0, May 2014)