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Smarter Approach to Desktop Virtualization

The Virtualization Practice discusses Intelligent Desktop Virtualization from Intel, featuring Virtual Computer as a market leader.

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Intelligent Desktop Virtualization Animation

Intelligent Desktop Virtualization animation showing Intel’s vision for the evolution of desktop management.

Thin Mini-ITX Integration and Marketing Tools

Discover resources and tools for sales, marketing, and integration of Thin Mini-ITX based All-in-One PCs featuring the Intel® Core™ processor.

Processeur Intel® Core™ i5

Intel® Core™ i5 processor automatically delivers a boost of speed when you need it with the smart performance of the 4th generation processors.

Datasheet: Intel® Celeron® Processor 500 Series

Intel® Celeron® processor 500 series for platforms based on the Intel® 965 Express Chipset.

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Intel® Celeron® Processor 900/ULV 700 Series: Datasheet

Intel® Celeron® processor 900 series and Ultra Low Voltage 700 series.

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Intel® Celeron® Processor E3000 Series: Datasheet

Datasheet for the Intel® Celeron® processor E3000 series covers the thermal and mechanical design considerations, electrical specifications, and more.

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Intel® Celeron® T1x00/T3x00/Dual-core SFF Processors Datasheet

Datasheet for the Celeron® mobile processor dual-core T1x00/T3x00 and Celeron® dual-core SFF processors: electrical, mechanical, and thermal.

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Intel® Celeron® Processor 400 Series Datasheet

Intel® Celeron® processor 400 series enables low-power microarchitecture for smaller, quieter systems..

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Intel® Celeron® processor T1x00 Series: Specification

Specifications for Celeron® processor T1x00 series platforms based on the Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset: electrical, mechanical, and thermal.

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