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Калькулятор рисков для технологии Intel® Anti-Theft

Оцените риски и потенциальную экономию расходов при инвестировании в технологию Intel® Anti-Theft.

Protect Sensitive Data with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology

Product Brief: Intel® Anti-Theft Technology powered by the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor protects lost or stolen assets for IT managers.

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Intel® Anti-theft Technology Product Brief

Product Brief: Intel® Anti-theft Technology provides local tamper-resistant protection for laptops, even if the OS is reimaged.

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The Cost of a Lost Laptop

White Paper: Intel-sponsored study by the Ponemon institute, 138 separate cases are studied to assess the cost of a lost laptop.

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Symantec Multi-Level Security

Product Brief: Symantec uses Intel® Anti-Theft Technology with its PGP Whole Disk Encryption* solution to protect against data loss and theft.

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Video: IT Therapy Session 3: Preventative Security Diagnosis

Shows how Intel® Anti-Theft Technology and Intel® AES New Instruction help meet IT managers’ needs to keep company assets safe.

Intel® 防盜技術 (Intel® Anti-Theft Technology) 增強機密資料的保護

產品簡介: 以第 2 代 Intel® Core™ vPro™ (博銳™) 技術為動力核心的 Intel® 防盜技術 (Intel® Anti-Theft Technology),能夠為資訊管理人員保護遺失或遭竊的資產。

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IT Therapy 第 3 節: 預防性的資安診斷功能

說明 Intel® 防盜技術 (Intel® AT) 與 Intel® 進階加密標準新增指令 (Intel® AES-NI) 如何協助達成 IT 經理人對於保護公司資產安全的需求。


白皮書: 在這份由 Intel 資助的研究報告中,Ponemon Institute 研究了 138 個案例,以評估遺失筆記型電腦的損失。

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Enabling Device Independent Mobility with Dynamic Virtual Clients

White Paper: Intel IT considers dynamic virtual client (DVC) technology, where users access applications and information from any device, anytime.

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