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How Intel Security Helps Protect Enterprise Data

Intel speeds security software and makes it stronger by building tools right into the silicon to protect enterprise data and increase efficiency.

Technologie Intel® de protection des données avec AES-NI et Secure Key

Le nouveau jeu d'instructions Intel® AES-NI améliore l'algorithme précédent et accélère le chiffrement des données.

Intel® Technology Enables Fast and Secure Data Encryption

Introduces Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions, which enable data encryption and support AES key expansion. (Aug. 2012)

Intel® AES New Instructions Demo

Video: Intel® AES-NI offers new instructions that speed up enterprise encryption and offer better performance, security, and more.

Fast Cryptographic Computation Via Function Stitching

White Paper: Pair function stitching together in fine-grains to enable more cryptographic computation and performance gains on Intel® processors.

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Video: Boost Cloud Security with Intel AES New Instructions

Including Intel® AES-NI in your cloud strategy reduces code size, execution cycles, and vulnerability to attack while boosting performance.

Enhanced Cloud Storage and Data Security

Case study: SK Telecom chooses hardware-based Intel® AES-NI powered by Intel® Xeon® processors for enhanced data and cloud storage security.

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Advanced Encryption Standard Sample Library Download

Download the Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions sample library for assembly code optimization on Windows* and Linux*. (May 2011)

Multi-Hash: Family of Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Extensions

White Paper: Proposes extensions to cryptographic hash algorithms, describes overall design, and presents performance summary. (v.001, July 2012)

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Haswell Cryptographic Performance

White Paper: Discusses Haswell Intel® Core™ processor family features for cryptographic algorithm implementations such as Secure Hash Algorithm.

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