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As a Professional, Your Time is Money: Calculate How Much

Answer a few questions on how much your time is worth, how often you restart your computer, and apps to calculate savings with Intel® products.

Accelerate IT Modernization with Server Upgrades Infographic

Boost IT modernization to maximize efficiency and minimize costs with server upgrades like Windows Server* 2012 and Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2697 v2.

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Intel® mSATA Solid State Drives: Declaration of Conformity

Intel’s Declaration of Conformity for Intel® mSATA Solid State Drives SSDSC2MH120A2C/SSDSC2MH250A2C/SSDSC2MH120A2/SSDSC2MH250A2.

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Intel® Solid State Drives SSDSA1MXXXXXXX: DCL of Conformity

Intel’s Declaration of Conformity for Intel® Solid State Drives SSDSA1M080G2xx/SSDSAM160G2xx.

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Intel® Solid State Drives SSDSA1XXXXXXX: Declaration of Conformity

Intel’s Declaration of Conformity for Intel® Solid State Drives SSDSA1SH080G1/SSDSA1SH160G1/SSDSA1MH080G1/SSDSA1MH160G1.

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DigiPoS Keeps Competitive Advantage with Embedded Processors

Case Study: Electronic POS maker DigiPoS innovates products on the Intel® Atom™ processor, Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and Intel® Q67 Express Chipset.

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Intel® Cache Acceleration Software for Business Analytics

Case Study: Intel® Cache Acceleration Software and Intel® SSDs cost-effectively improve SAS business analytics performance over HDD-only systems.

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Enhancing Music Production with Intel® Solid-State Drives

Case Study: composers Justin Lassen and Doyle W. Donahoo use Intel® Solid-State Drives to increase sample load and eliminate audio glitches.

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Intel® Solid-State Drive 525 Series: Specification

Spec: Describes capabilities and characteristics of the Intel® Solid-State Drive 525 Series, delivering small form-factor storage and performance.

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Beyond the Box: Intel® SSD Toolbox 3.0

Details the software functionality, user interface, diagnostic tests, and new features used to maximize Intel® Solid-State Drive performance.