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Intel® RAID Expander RES3TV360: Product Brief

Product Brief: The Intel® RAID Expander RES3TV360 enables the connection of up to 28 SAS or SATA devices with inside-the-box flexibility and low cost.

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Intel® RAID Expander RES2SV240 Product Brief

Intel® RAID Expander RES2SV240: low-profile, short-depth card perfect for any system with 8+ drives.

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Intel® RAID Controllers

Intel® RAID Controllers offer outstanding performance with RAID-on-Chip technology, native PCI Express* architecture, and high-speed cache.

Intel® RAID SAS Expander RES2SV240

The Intel® RAID Expander RES2CV family features a narrow 36- or 24-port SAS* expander board for systems with more than eight drives.

Intel® RAID Expander RES3FV288: Product Brief

Product Brief: Intel® RAID Expander RES3FV288 with an MD2 form factor supports up to 28 SAS or SATA devices and 8 external ports for JBOD connection.

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Intel® RAID Expander RES3FV288

Intel® RAID expander RES3FV28 is an ideal low-cost value-added alternative to high port count RAID cards, extending RAID arrays beyond eight drives.

Intel® RAID Expander RES3TV360

12 Gb/s low-profile card ideal for extending RAID arrays beyond 8 drives; complements SAS 3 RAID cards from Intel and 2U server chassis with 2.5” HDDs