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Intel and NCR Raise the Bar on Data Protection: Solution Brief

NCR’s implementation of Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions safeguards consumer data and payment information. (v.1, Oct. 2014)

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Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions: Tech Brief

Technology Brief: Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions provides an end-to-end solution for retail POS transactions. (v.1, Oct. 2014)

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Intel® FSP for Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 G2: Release Notes

Release Notes: Integration, features, configuration, limitations, and more for Intel® FSP for Atom™ processor E3800 product family (v.G2, Jan. 2014)

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Intel® Embedded Graphics Drivers for Intel® Architecture

Intel® Embedded Graphics Drivers for Intel® architecture-based platforms allow OEMs and system integrators to create customized configurations.

Intel® Ethernet Drivers for Windows* XP Embedded and Windows CE

Files: Download the Intel® Ethernet driver support files for Windows* XP Embedded, Windows CE, and Windows KITL. (v.11.5, Sept. 2013)

Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series

Application-ready virtualization platforms for simplifying the consolidation of previously discrete subsystems supporting industrial environments.

Eurotech* IoT Gateways Connect Sensor Networks to the Cloud

Manage and connect sensor networks to the Cloud with Eurotech IoT Gateways* and Everyware* Software Framework. (v.1, Mar. 2015)

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Eurotech* ReliaGATE* 50-21 Gateway/Edge Controller: Start Guide

Eurotech* ReliaGATE* 50-21 Multi-Service Gateway and Edge Controller guide to send device parameters to the Eurotech Everyware Cloud. (v.1, Mar. 2015)

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Snappy Ubuntu Core* & Intel® IoT Gateways: Solution Brief

Brief: Intel® IoT Gateways and Snappy Ubuntu Core* allow OEMs and developers to deploy a wide range of business solutions. (v.1, May 2015)

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Release Notes: Wind River* IDP XT 2.0, RCPL27 - Intel® IoT Gateway

Release Notes: Describes instructions for downloading and installing the Intel® IoT Gateway Wind River* IDP XT 2.0, RCPL27 update. (v.1, Jun. 2015)

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