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Intel® Technology for Musicians

Intel® technologies help musicians be more creative and expand their sound by enabling faster recording, editing, collaboration, and sharing.

Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Family LGA2011-0 Socket Thermal Guide

Consignes pour la création de solutions thermiques et mécaniques pour la famille de processeurs Intel® Core™ i7.

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Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Family LGA-2011 Socket Datasheet, Vol. 1

Fiche technique, vol. 1 : processeur Intel® Core™ i7-3960X Extreme Edition et processeurs Intel® Core™ série i7-39xxK et i7-38xx pour socket LGA-2011.

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Desktop 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family: Datasheet, Vol. 1

DC specifications, pinout and signal definitions, interface functional descriptions, and additional feature information.

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Intel® Core™ Processor Family Support Components

Composants en complément des processeurs Intel® Core™ pour PC portables