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Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 FAQ

Answers to technical, design, and marketing frequently asked questions about the Intel® Ethernet Controller I211 and Intel® Ethernet Controller I210.

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Intel® Ethernet Controller I210: Specification Update

Spec Update: A compilation of device and document errata, and specification clarifications and changes for the Intel® Ethernet Controller I210.

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Intel® Ethernet Controller I211: Specification Update

Spec Update: Hardware clarifications, changes, updates, and errata for use by manufacturers and developers using the Intel® Ethernet Controller I211.

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Network Controller Sideband Interface Overview and Performance

Notes: DMTF Network Controller Sideband Interface and component overview, with performance considerations for management controller design.

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Converged Network Adapters

Switching to FCoE using converged network adapters yielded more than 50% reduction in network costs per server rack.

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Intel® Ethernet I340 Server Adapter: Product Brief

Intel® Ethernet I340 Server Adapter offers multi-core processor and server virtualization support for cost-effective performance.

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Maximize Network Efficiency with Intel® Ethernet & VMware vSphere

Maximize network efficiency, simplify connectivity, & unify infrastructure with Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapters & VMware vSphere.

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Intel® Ethernet Controller I211-AT: Schematic

Intel® Ethernet Controller I211-AT Reference Design Schematic provides detailed diagrams of external interfaces, support circuits, and power supply.

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Intel® Ethernet Controller I211-AT: Product Brief

Product Brief: Intel® Ethernet Controller I211-AT overview describes key and advanced features, such as PCI Express* and performance optimization.

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Intel® Ethernet Network Connection I347-AT4: Datasheet

Datasheet: Document provides information on pin interface, device functionality, register maps, and electrical and timing specifications.

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