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Intel® True Scale Fabric—Enhanced HPC Architecture and Performance

Overview: Intel® True Scale Fabric features and app performance, for HPC cluster implementations needing greater performance across large node counts.

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Accelerate Discovery with New Powerful Intel®-based HPC Solutions

Solution Brief: From clusters to supercomputers, Intel® Xeon® processor and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor deliver performance, flexibility for HPC.

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Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor and Intel® True Scale Fabric

Overview: Specifies Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor HW and SW environment and compares performance data of InfiniBand* to Intel® True Scale Fabric.

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Microprogramme de commutateur Intel® True Scale : Informations sur la garantie du produit

Conditions générales et définitions de la garantie des microprogrammes de commutateur Intel® True Scale par type de produit.

Intel® True Scale Fabric Software: License Agreement

License Agreement: Legal information for Intel® True Scale Fabric software includes definitions, license, fees, support, and liability.

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Intel® True Scale Architecture: Hardware Maintenance Agreement

Details terms and conditions between Intel and users or resellers who purchased service or hardware maintenance for Intel® True Scale Architecture.

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Intel® True Scale Fabric 12200 InfiniBand* Switch: Product Brief

Made to cost-effectively support a 36 server cluster, the 36-port fixed configuration switch delivers high-speed networking features and functions.

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Intel® True Scale Fabric 12300 InfiniBand* Switch: Product Brief

Designed to cost-effectively link workgroup resources in a cluster, the Intel® 12300 InfiniBand Switch delivers high-speed networking features in HPC.

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Intel® True Scale Fabric 12800 InfiniBand* Switch: Product Brief

Deployed to meet demanding HPC needs, the 18 to 864-port, 40Gbps modular InfiniBand switch delivers scalable low-latency with networking features.

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Intel® Fabric Suite 7: Product Brief

Built for HPC, the fabric management suite maximizes performance and efficiency with optimized tools for installation, configuring, and monitoring.

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